Yani’s Birth Story

Hi yani, someday you will ask on how you came into this world and wonder the stories behind just like your ate yena who loves to hear the story of her firsts. Your daddy will have his version too, one day he will write them here. For now let me share what I remember that day you were born.

I knew beforehand that I will give birth to you when we’re at my 37 weeks. After all your ate yena was born at 37wks and 2 days, and since I really wanted you to be born same weeks like her I want the doctor to do the CS operation on November 11, 2011 (11-11-11) you will be exactly 37wks and 2 days that time. Some say that day would be lucky day but who knows? We hold our own destiny and it doesn’t have to do with the actual birthday. Your daddy was at work and wanted to be by my side on that big day so we decided to go to the doctor the next day, your birthday!

So on November 12, 2011 (Saturday) your daddy, your ate and I went to my OB to have my prenatal checkup. She said I should be ready to undergo the operation and directed that we go to the Emergency Room ASAP. I was scared but more excited to finally see you. I was scheduled for operation at 5pm but was brought to the operating room as soon as we arrived at the ER. You were finally out at 6:07pm and I was brought to my room at around midnight. Your daddy was so proud to have a snap shot of you using his cellphone. You were so big baby at 3.4lbs! At 3AM you were brought in by the nurse and there we saw you after 37wks and 3days of waiting. The next day, your ate finally saw you and she was so happy to be called ATE at last!


Daddy’s Thoughts of Yannie

Your mom and I decided to write stories about you and your Ate Yena few weeks ago. How you grow and each memory about you we can remember are the topics of our stories. Since blogging is already part of our lives, we came up with the idea of writing your autobiography. It is my fair share of my thoughts of you and it goes like this. 

Time really flies so fast that we are just planning to have another baby after your Ate Yena and there you are, you are now already 3 months old. You’re just more than 3 months when I’m writing this letter but we already have lots of happy and cute memories of you. I’m so happy that you have the same hairstyle when I was baby, your hair stands like mine toobut I prefer you have same hair with your sister and mommy when you grow older.

Imagining your chuckles and your voice when you laugh are the reasons why I’m so excited to go home early. Just this morning, you did your trick by holding your feeding bottle on your own. I’m so proud that you can now survive on your own. I can still remember my prayers to Our Lady of La Leche in our Parish that you will be able to feed from that bottle when your mom will be back to work and you did just that a day before she came back to work.

You’ve taken my worries away because of that. I am afraid to carry a baby of your age but since I am so gigil with you, I learned it anyway. Now you have cough and colds, my heart is breaking hearing your harsh voice and seeing you breathe hard and I am now wishing that you feel well soonest. You and your sister are really making my day so bright. I will bet everything just for your smiles, kiss and hugs. I can’t explain how contented I am in life because of you. I promise to be the best dad to both of you. I love you my treasure!


3 Months Milestones

Dearest Yani,

I am writing this to tell you how proud you make me feel last night and this morning. You already know how to hold your feeding bottles at 3months! Your daddy and I cannot believe it that we had to take a picture of you holding the bottle over and over again. In case you need to know, your ate yena first held her feeding bottles when she was 9months old, I guess that’s because at that time we live with your cousins and they adore your ate yena so much that they hold her feeding bottles for her every time ALL the time. So she’s quite spoiled by the boys.

You are very independent to a point that you seem to hurry to grow old. Before turning 3 months you already wanted to be held standing up or you like to sit on our laps already. I will not forget that on January 25th, almost two weeks after you turn 2months old, you saw us vividly – your eyes followed us on our every moves and started to laugh with us since then! I have been studying that first time and am glad I was able to witness that milestone. You are quite a talkative baby. Your daddy and I take pride every time you squeal with delight on anything we tell you. You laugh, blabber nonstop and seem to enjoy every conversation. You smile a lot too, your pictures say it all. Don’t you know that I make it a habit to have our family picture taken right after the Sunday mass to chronicle how fast you grow? Coz you really grow so fast, sometimes I wonder if we can ever keep up ^^. I

 should not be making up this blog coz I decided months ago that you and your ate yena should just share her blog BUT your daddy insisted that you have your own blog just in case you want to update this in the future. So here’s your blog baby. At least if my memory fails me on the time you start asking questions, just refer to this blog. It will say ALL about you and on how much we love you.

Can I have a little request? Someday when people ask who are your parents? Don’t tell them we have been great, coz we’re not. It would hardly be best parents coz your daddy and I are trying all the time to be best for you. So I can content myself when you say you have COOL Parents! Coz that’s what your daddy and I wants to hear from you and your ate yena. I hope you and your ate to be the best of friends --- and if possible the four of us (your daddy, your ate yena, you and i) to be the BFF!!! I love you all my life, Mommy


Welcome to Yani's Cradle!

Welcome to Yani's Cradle! A blog dedicated to our bundle of joy, our gift from Heaven and what makes our life all the more wonderful, Yena's little sister YANI aka BUBBLES.

Baby Yani @ 2 weeks old
Yannie Solenn. Her name is a combination and variation of daddy’s fave stars at the moment Anne Curtis and Solenn Heusaff. Yena decided that we call her Baby Bubbles (since she’s Blossom of Powerpuff girls, her cousin Eya is Buttercup and Yael is Mojo). So everybody calls her bubbles, I call her Yani and daddy calls her Pogi (since she looks like a boy!).

She was born on November 12, 2011 at 6:07pm weighing 3.2kgs and 52cm long via Caesarean Section at De La Salle University Medical Center Dasmarinas Cavite Philippines.


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