Yani's 3rd Birthday

Our little parrot Yani is finally three! She was asking for a bike for her birthday and so we surprised her with her new toy. She loved it. Her other requests was a swimming party with her cousins at Mallorca Villas and it was a blast. I can see how happy she was swimming all day nonstop. 

The next day, we went to the Post Office to pick up her surprise gift from her ninang clang. She was just so happy and thankful. We went to the salon for her favorite apple cut. :)

As a mom, i cannot hide how happy i was everytime i see her smile. And i thank all family and friends for the shower of love and care. I really appreciate those who show affection to my kids. So thank you friends. 

Happy birthday to my litte but heavy little baby girl. You have make us so happy everyday baby, i love you sooo much!


Yani the little Darna

She was so game to have her picture taken. It is very seldom that she would care about the camera and it's a joy to see this picture of her. I am contemplating of having this framed up and put on our wall one day. 


Yani at Ate Yena's School Presentation

Sooo kulet that little girl!!!


Yani the Minnie Mouse and Darna

Was able to find this cute minnie mouae costume for yani at 168 mall in divisoria for only Php 350. 

And also her Darna costume for yllac's birthday next month..

We let nisha jade borrow her minnie mouse costume and here they are below like super best of friends;


Ready Set Pose

Yena and yani ready to pose anywhere. 


Yani's First Visit to the Dentist

Among my children, yani is the first to have a complete set of teeth. Hers are pearly white and bigger than her ate yena. She isnt fond of brushing unlike her atr before but the she has changed lately when they would brush teeth together, she and her daddy and ate yena. 

So when i had to bring ate yena to her first ever dental checkup i knew i had to tag her along to have a feel of it. The dentist checked her teeth but didnt do any cleaning since yani's resisting. At two years old, i guess this is Really not the right age for kids to have some cleaning done. But i will still bring her to yena or my dental appointments so she will get use to it. 
Only checkup of the teeth, no cleaning yet. 


White and Loving it

Here's for our family picture after the mass last sunday. We dont usually color coordinate lately but this weekend seems so difficult for us (big trial to cope for the family) so we decided to fight on and survive! 
We are not giving up. Trials, let's get it on!!
Problems can only make us all the more stronger!
We will do what what we love to do, SMILE!!!


House full of love and hugs

Sometimes all you need is a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen to your sorrows, a laughter to share, big hugs and some dreams to fulfill together. 💛


She loves dogs

She loves pets. Since we have fishes, birds and dog at home she started to have affection with them ever since she was young. We even caught her huggibg and kissing our dog potchi. 
So it wont be a surprise to see her unafraid posing with this big dog figurine at the mall. 
Here posing with her ate yena. 
Hugs and kisses to the dog. 


Rashes all over!

It's supposed to be my first day of work for the year but since we noticed yani's rashes and some turning into wounds yesterday i knew i would have to take an emergency leave from work and bring her to her pedia today 

We all thought it was measles or some kind of chicken pox but the pedia said it's some kind of allergy since she has coughs. Medication and allergy cream will have to do its wonder and we shouldnt worry. 


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