Yani's 3rd Birthday

Our little parrot Yani is finally three! She was asking for a bike for her birthday and so we surprised her with her new toy. She loved it. Her other requests was a swimming party with her cousins at Mallorca Villas and it was a blast. I can see how happy she was swimming all day nonstop. 

The next day, we went to the Post Office to pick up her surprise gift from her ninang clang. She was just so happy and thankful. We went to the salon for her favorite apple cut. :)

As a mom, i cannot hide how happy i was everytime i see her smile. And i thank all family and friends for the shower of love and care. I really appreciate those who show affection to my kids. So thank you friends. 

Happy birthday to my litte but heavy little baby girl. You have make us so happy everyday baby, i love you sooo much!


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