Yani's 2nd Birthday

We had a simple celebration at home for our little girl's 2nd birthday and as requested by the cutie lil girl we brought them for a weekend fun at La Traviesa Hotel and Resort.


Fantastic Baby Shower Gift

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Feeling Well

The baby girl has been sick since last week. I brought her to the nearby Pedia last weekend but she didn't get any better so i brought her back to her Pedia in La Salle last thursday and there she is yesterday, smiling after taking a bath.

Few moments when i caught her smiling in the camera.


May 2013 Family Pictures

May 5

May 12

May 19


CureLauncher and its Wonders

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April 2013 Family Pictures

April 7

April 14

April 20 - Blessing of Maxene

April 21 - Lemery Batangas Summer Outing

April 28 - Daddy's Birthday


March 2013 Family Pictures

March 3
March 5 - Yllac John is born!

March 17

March 24


February 2013 Family Pictures

February 3
February 17
February 24
February 14  =)


January 2013 Family Pictures

January 1
January 6
Janauary 13
January 20
January 27


Her smile


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