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August 5, 2012
August 12, 2012
August 14, 2012
August 28, 2012


Happy 9 months Ate Nani!

Dear Nani,

A day before you turn 9 months old, your daddy and I learned you are going to be an ATE already. Different mixed emotions get the best of us –we were happy to be parents again but we were shocked, terrified even. Imagine you being so little baby and after a few more months you’ll be an ATE? I almost cried imagining how I will not be able to carry you around when my tummy grows bigger or to run after you when you start walking or you lying in my chest nightly to help you to sleep. I will miss a lot of these things my baby and this saddens me. We have not enjoyed you fully! That’s your daddy and I’s thought the moment we learned about baby number 3, not that we don’t welcome the baby to the family it’s just that it’s really too early and everything just happen so suddenly.

Now all we need to do is embrace the moment and come what may. I know the Lord let these things to happen for a reason and the baby will always be a blessing. We are as excited for this one like the moment we learned about you and your ate yena’s coming to our lives! I just pray that you will not feel that our love has changed when the baby comes. That you are so loved by us and nothing has changed. You are our little nani and we love you to bits. Your be dimpled smile, your sweet little hugs and baby like smell is my little heaven on earth. I know that your daddy and ate Yena feels the same way too – we love you so much our Nani always!!

Happy Nine Months old our Nani girl! 


Sundays of July 2012 Pictures

July 1
July 8
July 15
July 22
July 29 - with friends in Quezon


Happy 8 Months Nani!

Yani's 8th month celebration at home :)


Yani's 7th Month

A simple celebration at home when Yani turned 7 months old :)


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