Yani on MiniMonkey Baby Sling

Used the minimonkey baby sling that a very dear friend Clang sent over a month before I gave birth to Yani and she loves it to bits! She didn’t cry and enjoy her moment in the sling. I guess it’s just perfect timing to use it now that Yani is 4months old since she likes to be always sitting up and seeing a lot of things around her.

In fact, when i put her on the sling last night she fell asleep after a few minutes without throwing her usual sleeping tantrums.


Sundays of March 2012 Family Picture

My favorite vice is taking pictures of the family right after the sunday mass. Here's to keep up on how fast my two daughters grow, our family pictures for the month of March.

Am wondering when will Yani look at the camera, here looking down :) 

and here she's yawning! tired of picture taking baby? :)

i really wonder what's going on - yani :)

now tell me who's shocked! Last sunday of March and she still isn't friends with the camera, hihi


Sundays of February 2012 Family Pictures

February 5

February 12

February 18

February 25


Sundays of January 2012 Family Pictures

We spend every Sunday morning in the church and since it's the day of the week when the family, choir friends and relatives are present i see to it that we have family pictures right after the Mass. So will upload here pictures of the sundays we have our family pic to chronicle how YANI and her ate Yena grow fast! At least here i can keep up to them :)

Here's our Family Picture for January 2012
January 1, 2012 - New Year's Day!

January 8, 2012

January 15, 2012 - Ate Yena's 4th bday :)

January 22, 2012 - Ate Eya's 6th bday :)

January 29, 2012


Yani's First Roll Over

Yani's first roll over happened last night and we were all surprised to see her flip over slowly and then smiled. Too late for me to capture it on video, sigh. But am just so thrilled to witness this milestone! Proud Momma in the house!! I even sent out a tweet right after the momentous rolling over, hurray!!


Nisha Jade and Yannie Solenn

Yani is only 2 days older to her cousin Nisha Jade and sometimes people confuse them as twins ^_^

 Yani aand Nisha

Latest Picture with Nisha Jade


First Earrings

Yani wearing her blue earrings

Yani had her first earrings today after her vaccine. Even if i wanted her to have an earrings weeks after her birth - to make her look like a girl already, i followed her pedia's advise to have her ears pierced at her 4 months. Pedia said there are studies that lead to infants hearing problems because of too early ear piercing.


Monthly Celebration of Yani

Our little yani, you are exactly four months old yesterday! You just don’t know how your smile yesterday morning made me want to just stay beside you. But mom is thankful that I have work to help daddy give you and your Ate the best we can offer. Don't you know how special every 12th of the month is? That's our day of celebration for having you.

On sunday, daddy bought a native chicken and made another PADUGO. And they feast on the tinola on dinnertime. That’s your daddy’s way of celebrating your birthday’s month after month. I said THEY because I cannot eat that poor chicken who I saw upon arriving at your mamato’s house and had it killed while your ate and your cousins were watching. While I was in hiding as I cannot stand a chicken or anything alive being slaughtered.

Every month it is always a double celebration. On mamato’s house in Ph3 and at nanay’s house. It has always been that way with your Ate too. On your first month, daddy bought pizza and pancit at nanay’s house. On your second month we had macaroni soup (the favorite of everybody in Ph3 at mamato’s house), pancit and graham cake at nanay’s house. On your third month we had Max’s toffee cake and spaghetti. Last night, brought home your cake and pancit! And daddy surprised us with our favorite ice cream, the same flavor I indulge when you were still at my tummy.

Here are your 4months pictures from last night;


Happy 4 months Naning


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