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Happy 5months Yani!

Happy 5months! Today, your daddy and I weren't able to kiss you before we go to work, so afraid that you might wake up the moment we carry you out of your crib. It was a very tiring sleepless nights since Sunday for me but its ok. I just want you to be better and I pray it would be soon. I wasn't able to go to work yesterday to observe how you're feeling and you were feeling fine the whole day - but the night time is different. But know baby that no matter how restless and sleepless mommy has been for taking care of you it is always worth it. With your smile and the way you hold my hand every time you're about to sleep - I feel so revived and so much more. Every day and every time I thank the Lord for giving you into our lives. We love you so much our little Naning!! Happy 5 months!

Today I'll hurry home from work to celebrate this special day with you. You wait for mommy's big hug and kisses and I can't wait to see your smile and hear your heartfelt laughter.

UPDATED: Here are the pictures from last night :)

your ate yena excited to blow the candles for you

ate yena and baby yani :)

u love to laugh all the more lately

mommy makes u smile? :)

giggles all the time


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